Integrating the Central Consent Manager

The ESB- and connector-based platform architecture allows you to integrate the platform into any information system effectively and unobtrusively.

Integration plan for the CCM platform

A single, centralised consent management tool

You must be able to link the various information systems in place within the company. The Central Consent Manager platform is built on an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). This block allows you to add dedicated connectors for each consent-handling solution, allowing the platform to communicate with them. In this way, the Central Consent Manager becomes the only consent checkpoint you need - no matter what format they use or which application they come from.

Consent is an essential legal basis for personal data entry, as part of the GDPR regulations. Various software publishers have taken this on board and have integrated consent management into their solutions (ERP, CRM, etc.).

Personalised API

As there are often a large number of consent sources and supports (internet, mobile application, electronic signature, etc.), the Central Consent Manager features an API which allows any client application to interact with it and manages their consent, data entries and user information.

This architecture allows the CCM to be easily and unobtrusively integrated into any existing information system, becoming a one-stop centralised tool for consent management.

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Proof management

Consent obtained by the platform is signed and time-stamped by a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) which acts as a certification authority and guarantees the integrity of the consent.